Atlanta's Fence Staining Experts, Stain and Seal Solution

Stain and Seal Solution, the Atlanta Fence Experts

Stain-N-Seal Solution, LLC is a licensed and insured full-service wood preservation company specializing in fence staining and treating all exterior wood structures from derogation due to the sun, moisture and discoloration.

Our stain / sealant is made without additives, such as linseed oil or mineral spirits, which contain harmful toxins that can contaminate underground water supplies, thus requiring special handling when being disposed of. Furthermore, we manufacture our stain/sealant with paraffinic oil, which is much safer and doesn't require special disposal. Paraffinic oil is preferred by food processing manufacturers because the oil has been refined to make it safe enough to use around foods in case of accidental contact.

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"I was very impressed with S'nS's quick quote and scheduling, and their price was SO much better than I had been anticipating!! Great service and price. We had our fence stained almost five month ago and it still looks great. After it was stained we received several compliments from our neighbors and even after several thunderstorms it still looks really good. Charles was very professional and the cost quoted came in well under other quotes we received from other companies. We would recommend this business for your staining needs."
"Charles really pulled through Charles is just awesome. He really pulled through for us. We had our new fence up last summer that was suppose to be stained. This past weekend we were throwing my son's birthday party, and the fence looked horrible. It looked like it aged and was there for a while. Charles came last minute and fixed it. I highly recommend. Really cool dude."
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